• The new genetration stroller. Tutis Uno⁵+

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"The Baby Stroller, which has best possible features, for a reasonable price"

We recognize the challenges of finding the ideal stroller, and our mission was to transform this experience. After studying the requirements of over 14,000 mothers, we compiled a comprehensive list of parental needs, which served as the foundation for the development of the Tutis Uno⁵+ stroller

It incorporates all the essential features for your child's growth, ensuring a smooth ride, lightweight design, and a spacious cradle. Our aim was to streamline the stroller selection process, and that's why we proudly introduce you to the
Tutis Uno⁵+

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Trusted by more than 83 000 families

Tutis baby strollers have been selected as the daily companions for over 83,000 families worldwide. We are committed to providing them with top-tier quality directly from our factory located in Northern Europe, Lithuania. With a legacy dating back to 1999, we've been dedicated to crafting exceptional baby strollers with stands for quality and innovation.

Here is why parents enjoy Tutis Uno5+ stroller

2in1 travel system up to 4 years

While your baby is growing, do not be stressed. With Tutis Uno⁵+ stroller, you will be able to adapt you stroller to you growing baby's needs. One frame, two options to use - cradle or seat unit can be mounted straight on the Tutis Uno⁵+ chassis. Also, seat unit is versatile, you can change the sides of it and baby can see you or explore the world. Thus, seat unit can be folded together with the frame⁵

Full product set - 12 items

It includes: 3nd gen ThermoCot™ cradle, seat unit, chassis with Tutis Allroad™ wheels, coconut mattress, mother's bag, shopping bag, foot covers, safety handle, rain cover, cup holder, mosquito net.

Fold it easy

Tutis Uno⁵+ folds easily together with the seat unit or without it. Few clicks and off you go. Takes less space than standart universal stroller.

Superbly light and wide cradle

Integrated ThermoCot™ technology ensures that cradle only weights 3,15 kg and its length is 84 cm and width is 38 cm. Is one of the most spacious cradles in the market. Also, technology ensures the safety of your baby, while being in the cradle. Tutis Uno⁵+ has the 3nd generation ThermoCot™ cradle.

Smooth ride with smart amortisation

Key feature that is loved by parients and their babies - superbly smooth ride due to innovative shock absrobtion system. It is good for your baby and helps to get calm sleep.

Our promise - you will love it

Exceptional quality for your baby

Hand-made in Northern Europe

We are manufacturers of baby strollers, based in Northern Europe, Lithuania. We design and build baby strollers since 1999.

Every stroller we make, we put in little piece of ourselves, strive and achieve that they are of high quality, technical, and most importantly comfortable and cosy for parents and their babies.

2 year EU warranty and EN certified

Tutis Uno5+ stroller is covered by 2 year warranty. We have a huge trust in our products and we believe in our stroller's quality and reliability.

As we are manufacturers based in European Union, for this reason stroller do comply with the regulations of EU and is being certified of EN:1888 standard.

30 years of experience

With over 30 years of experience in baby stroller manufacturing, we possess the expertise to craft strollers that maximize quality, functionality, and user-friendliness.

Fully manfucatured in Northern Europe since 1999

Certified of

Reviews from customers

"Superbly universal stroller, with high quality materials and precisely finished details. We love it!"

- Nicole

Reviews from customers

"The best designed stroller, that I have ever seen. Nicely finished product."

- James

Stroller directly from the factory

This is the best way to find your stroller. As we are manufacturers, we are able to directly deliver your Tutis Uno⁵+ baby stroller within 5-7 days to you, from our facility in Northern Europe. We include FREE DELIVERY. Find our more about our company.

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High-end yet fairly priced strollers

We have a purpose to make the highest quality strollers, but yet make them affordable for more families to enjoy the best they can receive. 

You ask, how we are doing this? 

We operate a relatively lower price than other luxury brands, because we work on direct to customer eCommerce model, rather than maintain distribution to real stores. 

Also, as we are manufacturers and producing strollers on large scales, it helps us to lower the costs on high quality materials and other supply elements. 


Find more about us

Find out more about our company and why our idea is changing the world of baby strollers.

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