About us

It all started when…

we found out that parenting is not simple and is full of various daily challenges. Especially as you starting to prepare for it. As nowadays, every sphere of daily life is becoming more and more overcrowded of various choices, goods and different things. The baby nursery is not an exception. To choose a perfectly made, highest safety and functionality standards corresponding baby stroller, it is a hard task. Isn’t it? And we wanted to change it and make daily life of parents much simpler. Completely.

We want to help parents to make a choosing process, of a best fitting stroller, easy. For this reason, we have made a tight and accurate analysis on what functions, points and key “competences” Your baby’s new carrying friend/vehicle should be good at. A baby stroller should be superbly:

  • safe for your little one
  • functional and easy-to-use for you
  • comfortable for every day rides
  • and of course, be good looking, when you will be rolling down the street

Our goal was to make a baby stroller that fits all these competencies, is made of highest quality materials and is, most importantly, available for a ultimately fair price. And offer this new creation to You.

We are glad to present you that we have succeed. 

Our believe is in making a premium baby stroller, which is superbly safe, easy-to-use, looks really nice and is fairly priced.

How do we make it?

To offer top baby stroller for a fair price, we are using direct to customer business model. That means there are no additional intermediaries in between of us and you.

In order to save on costs and offer lower price as possible, we are keeping costs of advertising, supply and distribution at bare levels. This allows us to pass greater savings to you, when purchasing a premium baby stroller of Tutis Uno.

And we guarantee for our stroller’s quality, as we are offering free returns, in 30 days, to test the ride and 730 days product’s warranty within whole bunch of EU countries.

Tutis stroller is made in Northern Europe, in highly rated, top quality standards corresponding baby strollers factory. For this reason, we are able to offer our customers and their little ones baby strollers of high quality.

All the effort is to offer the stroller, at the top quality for a fair price.

Here is a short video about our factory

What to remember?

  • Tutis Uno baby strollers are fully produced in Lithuania, Northern Europe;
  • We, as a company, are manufacturers of baby strollers for more than 25 years;
  • We offer you 730 days product's warranty;
  • Free delivery and returns for 30 days.