How to choose the right stroller for a toddler?

The spring is finally here and we will spend more and more time with our little ones outside. When the baby turns 6 months old, the variety of strollers parents can choose from, expands widely. Instead of using the carrycot, parents may use different lighter and smaller strollers – such as pushchairs or umbrella strollers or may continue using the travel system stroller with the seat unit.

 Travel system:

Travel system pairs the chassis and the carrycot, car seat or a seat unit. These strollers are created for long –term use, so they are strong, durable, contain big wheels with a good passage and refined damping system. You will always be sure the baby is safe and comfortable when strolling in the seat unit of the travel system. The disadvantage of the travel system is a bigger weight and a little wider size. However, this is a money-saving option, since you don‘t need to buy any other stroller.
The upsides: durability, comfort for a child, pocket -friendly option, all in one.

Tutis offers a wide range of travel systems. Future moms can choose stroller a perfectly combined stroller - Tutis Uno. The package includes 12 parts such as rain protection, mother bag, a cup holder that guarantee smooth travel.


Pushchair is a middle option between the travel system and an umbrella stroller. Jogger stroller ensures the comfort and safety for a baby, just like the seat unit of the travel system: you may choose different positions of the back and legs, it‘s spacious, the stroller has big, soft wheels and durable chassis. Parents will enjoy it because it‘s lighter and smaller, also foldable easily and compact to store.
The upsides: strength, comfort for a child, smaller in size.
The downsides: still quite big.

Umbrella stroller:

These strollers are an excellent choice for trips by plane – they are ultra-light and take little space when folded. The stroller is spacious enough, although usually has no damping system and very small, hard wheels, so the baby will be uncomfortable when strolling on uneven pavement. From an economical point of view – the umbrella stroller is a pretty good choice – the price range is pretty wide.
The upsides: ultra-light and compact.
The downsides: less comfortable for a baby.