Tutis Uno is recognized as the stroller of the Year

Only moms know best which nappies are the softest, a baby book is the most fun, or a stroller is rolling fastest. Babyblog.lt has invited thousands of moms to express their views and choose which products are best for children and moms. Among as many as 12 nominations, moms also picked up the stroller of the year. We are delighted that the TUTIS UNO stroller has attracted most moms sympathies!

 “This award is the result of many years of work. We probably wouldn’t be able to count how many little ones started their big journey with Tutis strollers. When designing strollers, we put a piece of ourselves, strive to achieve high quality, and make strollers comfortable with moms and their grandchildren,” said Director of TUTUTIS.

 “We are delighted that Tutis UNO, the newest collection of strollers, has been able to gain the sympathy of moms and become an indispensable companion for traveling with the baby in just half a year,”.